Monday, February 14, 2011

If only I had more money, I could...

If only I had a little seed money to start or grow my business, or launch a marketing campaign?  These are undoubtedly some of the things we've all said at some point as business owners.  We know be cause we have surveyed many small business owners just like you.

Because we believe in doing everything with royal intent--we are launching our Incubator program by awarding 2 monthly Small Venture Grants (SVGs).  One grant will be awarded at a monthly live event and the other will be awarded virtually.  Each grant will be in an amount up to $500!  This is a competitive monthly process.  Each applicant will be asked to fill out a simple and short application form.  Each application will be reviewed by the Incubator team which will conclude with 10 finalists.  Five of the 10 finalists will be among those residing in the NYC Tri-State area (including Philadelphia) and the remaining 5 will be selected from among the applicants outside o the NYC Tri-State/Philly area.  So you see there is a chance for the nation of women small business owners.  NYC Tri-State Finalists will be required to present a 5 minute pitch to live event attendees who will ultimately select the monthly awardee.  The National Finalists will be required to submit a 5 minute video pitch to the Incubator which will be solely judged our team.  NOTE:  MLM/Network Marketing businesses are excluded from the process.

How will these monthly grants be funded?  We will fund the SVGs through the proceeds from live group attendance, global contributions and application fees.  We will all take part in starting and growing another Royal Lady's Small business. The application fee is $20.11 (plus processing fees).   Please follow this link to apply:

As March is Women's History Month, the first SVGs will be awarded March 25, 2011 in NYC for the Live Awards Event and March 31, 2011 for the Virtual Awards Event.

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